Hawaii Real Estate: Opportunities in Paradise

Hawaii. Just the name brings thoughts of tropical subsets, warm, ocean breezes, surfing, basking, just relaxing. Makes you wish you were going there tomorrow, ready for a week or two . . . or three of vacation time.

Obviously, a few weeks in Hawaii on vacation would be nice, but what if you could live in Hawaii year around? Hawaii real estate is slowing rapidly. Hundreds of homes, condos, land, even vacation homes, are available today in Hawaii. Would you like to live, work raise a family, and enjoy the good life in the Hawaiian Islands?

waikiki400In February of 2016, a single family home in Oahu, Hawaii was selling for a median price of $700,000. That is an increase of 8 percent as compared with February of 2015. For a condo, the average selling price increased by 16.1 percent since February of 2015 to $378,444.

There has never been a better time to consider Hawaii homes. The price is right, the market is loaded, and the sun, sand, and surf are waiting for you. There is a home for you in Hawaii, be it a traditional single family home tucked away among the palm trees in gorgeous Diamond Head, or a beachfront condo near Waikiki Beach on Oahu, or maybe a luxury property on the water in Lanikai over looking Mokulua Islands.

If you would, instead, like to build your own home in Hawaii, acres of land are now available throughout the islands. Waterfront property, farm property, property in the rolling hills, wherever you would enjoy Hawaiian living, there is land available for building.

Perhaps, you’re not yet ready to move to Hawaii. Consider, in that case, investing in a beachfront or inland investment property in Hawaii, and watch your investment prosper. Hawaii real estate, though admittedly sagging, is not nearly as depressed as the housing market on the mainland. An investment in a Hawaiian home, condo, vacation property, or lot is a good opportunity to take advantage of both the strength of the Hawaii property market, and the favorable opportunities that are, assuredly out there, as well.

Oceanfront and beachfront property in the most desirable areas of the islands will, however, be more expensive, and a bit more difficult to locate and to negotiate.

Oleg Potiomkin, a Honolulu-based real estate sales and marketing specialist will provide the expertise you need to untangle the complicated Hawaii real estate regulations. His 15+ years of marketing success in the Hawaiian real estate market ensure that your search for the perfect home, condo, or investment property in Hawaii will ensure the good life in paradise. If you’re selling, Oleg can help with that, too, to help make what is a often a wrenching decision less painful, and more profitable.